About Us

Being girls, we wondered why there are so many game portals about shooting, racing and other things that are not really enjoyable for girls.. And that is how we got the idea to build a more feminine collection of games. After many efforts we managed to gather a great collection of dress up, makeover and cooking games; Girl Games 24 was born! The collection is still growing because we are still updating the portal with new games every day. Our collection of girl games was initially ment for our own usage, but we decided to share this great portal with the rest of the world, and hope you enjoy your stay!

Safe And Easy
Our main goal is to provide a completely free of charge game collection, that is carefully picked, and maintained, with COMPLETELY SAFE and EASY to play games for girls. You wont find any violence here, every game is carefully screened to be family friendly. We are not trading or placing links to other websites, because our collection is solely build for playing purpose. By having no outgoing links there is no chance that we and you get re-directed to other websites, that might display improper contents.

Who Are You?
Now you know about us! But why dont you let us know about you? Please click on the 'contact us' button below each page on our girl game site to get in contact with us, we love to hear your ideas!